from 23rd – 30th January 2021
in Lech Zuers / Austria


NEWSLETTER 2021 / 16. Feb

Dear fellow IB enthusiasts

From a pandemic point of view, the new year has unfortunately not started any better than the old one ended.

Due to the continuing high infection rates and the undiminished risk of transmission, it cannot be assumed that the situation will improve significantly by March.

We are extremely disappointed to announce that under the given circumstances it is not possible to carry out the Interbourse event in Lech/Zuers or in any other alternative mountain destination we are in contact with.

Yesterday it was also announced that there will be no further relaxation in Austria for the time being. Instead, the government is extending the lockdown for the gastronomy, tourism and culture sectors until „around Easter“.

This decision is all the more regrettable because we have really explored all available possibilities and alternatives to bring something like confidence into this unfortunate time.

However, we remain optimistic and are convinced that with all your support Interbourse will continue to exist despite or even because of this setback.

For the rest of the year we wish you much success both on a professional and private level and most importantly – stay healthy!

For any question as always, please do not hesitate to contact: info@ibexec.com

Sporty greetings


Dear Interbourse fellows

We are convinced that you are all coping well with the current difficult situation and are healthy.

Regrettably the planned interbourse in COURMAYEUR/ITALY had to be cancelled. The decision was certainly driven by the fact that Italy is extremely affected by the pandemic. At this point we would like to thank Team London for all their work and are looking forward to COURMAYEUR 22.

In mid-July the team captains were sent a captains letter, some of you may have seen this letter already. After we have received the comments of the captains and also appreciated their concerns, we would like to share our planning for the next year with you.

We clearly believe that Covid-19 will not simply disappear for a considerable period of time, however the world will continue to turn and we all have to deal with the new situation, society as a whole and everyone in her or his own way – so does INTERBOURSE.

Therefore, and not least for reasons of continuity, we have decided to organise a „covid compliant edition“ Interbourse 21.

from 23rd – 30th January 2021
in Lech Zuers / Austria



Of course we hope that Covid-19 will soon be brought under control as effectively as possible. In the meantime, the protection concepts are being further refined to contain the spread of the virus. Countries such as Switzerland and Austria have managed and survived the situation well and are recording low numbers of new infections. Neither we as organizers nor the people responsible for the venue have any interest in giving the pandemic room to spread further. We are convinced that the protection concept of Lech Zuers meets all health requirements. Please find below their latest information on the COVID measures:


The measures will of course be permanently adapted to the current situation.

We have deliberately decided against a closed and limited event – of course, everyone is welcome to participate in the IB21 in January.
With the highly attractive cancellation conditions and the COVID protection measures taken in Lech Zuers, the conditions for hosting IB 21 are fulfilled in the best possible way.

Despite all adversities, we have succeeded in negotiating attractive exit or cancellation conditions that are appropriate to the circumstances:



until 31 days before arrival date no cancellation
30 days before arrival date 30 %
14 days before arrival date 90 %

For accommodation Lech Zuers Tourism will provide support:

Lech Zuers Tourism
Miss Anna Acuto
Phone. +43 5583 2161-235
or via e-mail: interbourse@lechzuers.com

Registration Fee:

Regular Fee:
€ 550 until 31st October 2020
Late Fee:
€ 650 after 1st November 2020
Refund Policy:
In case of cancellation of the event due to COVID measures in Lech Zürs, the paid registration fee will be refunded minus a small commission of € 50 to cover the costs incurred.
In case of cancellation of registrations for other reasons the registration fee will be refunded as follows:
until 8th January 2021 less € 50
after 9th January 2021 less € 100
6 days skipass € 300 incl. Deposit
Please find below the tentative program

We look forward to welcoming many of you in Lech Zuers.

For any question as always, please do not hesitate to contact: info@ibexec.com

Sporty greetings
Impressions – Andermatt / Switzerland